Marble Asmr game highlights and gameplay features

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Marble ASMR game highlights

Marble ASMR has healing properties of its own, with marbles making rhythmic sounds as they roll through the cycle, creating a standard ASMR effect. The proceeds from the circular scrolling can be used to enhance marbles, boost earnings and open up new maps. The light rhythm with smooth experience, set against the crisp graphics, brings a touch of relaxation and relief to you in the midst of the city. The simple balls, rolling freely and cycling forward, will take away all the dullness and fatigue from your mind.

Marble ASMR features gameplay

The gameplay of Marble ASMR combines casual placement with building. On the one hand, players can make the game run automatically to their liking, or tap the screen to speed up the movement of the marbles, giving the game a significant boost in revenue. On the other hand, the proceeds can be used to buy balls, synthesise balls, increase revenue points, speed up progress and more. You can also open up new maps by accumulating enough earnings. Whether you are an impatient player or a slow and strategic player, you can choose the right way to play according to your preferences.