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Size: 220.7 MB
Release Date: Feb 13, 2021


Bridge Race Review:

READ READ READ Ok ok ok I have been seeing a lot of comments about adds. Here is a tip!! Turn on airplane mode it takes away adds when you are playing. But make sure you turn off airplane mode when you are done playing. It is better when you play without adds. You can't collect skins with airplane mode on so that's a bummer. I hope this helps you injoy the game. Also the game is so much fun.



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Bridge Race Description:

Best Racing Game ever with approximately 250 Million downloads! Try to build your own Bridge by competing with others for collectible blocks! You should look out for potential looters. Join the adventure with more than 1000 levels that contain mechanisms such as sliders, trampolines, zip-lines, ladders, and elevators! Collect blocks of your own color and build bridges with them. The main features of the game include: ● Customize the Color of the Character and Blocks: You can play with more than 80 different types of characters, choose more than 30 blocks, and more than 30 colors! Customize your character skins but also the color of the character! ● Bundles: You can also get bundles containing exciting characters, blocks, and unique character animations! ● Road Map: You can see your road map and get back to the same level in order to get better results maybe even perfection! You can play all around the world in different cities! ● Leaderboard: Be faster and collect more and get more stars in order to climb up in the leaderboard!

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