Stick War: Hero Tower Defense

Stick War: Hero Tower Defense

5 / 5

Publish Date:

Aug 25, 2022


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Stick War: Hero Tower Defense review

I love this game it might look like 2d but is actually 3d also when I try to build my castle it will not let me so will you please fix that other wise 5 star great game. Cool But i Want More Games Like This And i Want To Make it Better By rating the Game

Are you ready to be the last stick-hero standing in the top battles? Your duty is to charge power: grow as a warrior and defeat horror well-armed eniems and kill their Giant Boss like Wugy, Mommy, Huggy and Bunzo. Gather your stickman with a wise strategy and lead them to victory! Stick War: Hero Tower Defense is a combination of action, strategy, and battle puzzle games. Think before every drag and drop, calculate every move, use your brain to strategize your next action to overcome countless obstacles. We took the best resources from classic Stickman theme, so that you never regret