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Aquarium Land

Size: 247.3 MB
Release Date: Feb 22, 2022


Aquarium Land Review:

Aquarium Land Introduction In the game, players will run their own aquarium, take care of the various creatures in the aquarium, make these creatures healthy and grow, and interact with them anytime and anywhere. The clean and simple graphics of the game can have a certain de-stressing effect, giving the player a comfortable and natural visual experience and allowing them to relax. There will be plenty of fish bait for you to mix and match. Come and try it out! Aquarium Land features Fish breeding Raise your fish with love and care. Look forward to their growth with joy! Buy fry All the process of raising fish starts with the fry! There are so many different types of fry, which one to keep? It's hard to decide! Selling the fish Finally it's time to say goodbye to the fish we have bred. Because we have worked so hard to raise them with love, it is important to take them seriously. We will report to you wherever you go! Aquarium Land game advantages Collect countless sea creatures and collect them to complete the picture Raise adorable baby fish and earn easy money by keeping them. Build your own aquarium and get more creatures every day with ease There are always more tasks to complete to gain life force and create many different houses and landscapes Synthesize the same fish to get new sea creatures and collect more fish species to expand the aquarium. There are no limits to the freedom of operation and all the decorations can be built to your liking. Aquarium Land game highlights The tasks are uncomplicated and easy to complete with one click, so anyone can master them. There are many players in the game and you have a challenging competition with each other. Research new techniques to increase your income and let your aquarium help you become a billionaire! The innovative style of painting is fascinating and many players will be involved in the venture. Aquarium Land Gameplay Manage your aquarium factory effectively and as you complete each level you can be rewarded with gold coins to upgrade your fish pond. In this special aquarium you will find fun fish such as taco fish, smartphone fish, robot fish, watermelon fish and more! This is how you can earn and invest in better equipment, new types of fish and algae to speed up progress and earn more gold! The algae generate oxygen and the fish collect oxygen bubbles and deliver them to the oxygen tanks. Upgrade your plant, invest in better equipment to speed up the profitability process and become the next fish capitalist!



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Aquarium Land Description:

Swim, collect fishes, expand your aquarium Mystery animal are in the sea Invest your Aquarium Park and explore the sea Visitors want more beautiful fishes

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