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Roblox review

Something for everyone! I could write so much about the amazing world of Roblox, but to sum it up: Roblox is a super fun app with many different games inside to choose from. They have tycoons, obbys, role play, and waaaay more! You can even enjoy playing with your friends and family by easily friend requesting them, them accepting, and hitting “Join” when you want to play the game they are playing. I like to do this when playing with my cousins. You can also customize your avatar with super stylish outfits! If you are like me and forget passwords easily, you can set up a parent account, then if you ever forget your password Roblox can sent the password to you or your parent’s email. You can buy Robux for pretty cheap. Robux is basically just money in Roblox, that you spend real money to get. You don’t have to get it but if you do you can get things like premium, vip in your favorite games, and new outfit options. It’s 100% safe and if you have a young child that you are worried about using the app, you can always check up on it and unfriend random strangers they might have friended.Lol, my sister does that a lot! But if you are friends with someone on Roblox all they can do is text you or join your game. They can’t send photos or say curse words. Also, one last thing this is not just a worker from Roblox, this is a 12-year-old that plays Roblox all the time with her sisters and loves the game, and I want to share how amazing it is with you guys. Thanks for listening! I love Roblox but I want to talk about reports and other stuff I love Roblox I’ve been playing since 2016 but there’s some problems about it that I haven’t gotten over, tags I really don’t like tags I get it if you guys don’t want us to share personal info with other people especially if you don’t know them and if your trying to tell someone your age I get that but please don’t tag things like if you were just trying to say something different other than your password or age please change that, the other thing is reports now sometimes they actually work other times they don’t it seems like you don’t pay attention I’m not trying to be mean but it’s just annoying that they don’t get banned for at least a day. 2 more things I wanna talk about are scams and getting banned, I’ve never gotten banned in roblox ever but what I’m trying to say is I don’t think we should get banned forever maybe for like a day or two but please don’t ban people forever I just think that it would make them really sad I understand if they did something terrible but please don’t ban them forever, lastly when I get scammed this is basically just like reports when I report someone for scamming they don’t get Jenner (for two or one day) and I just think that you guys should pay attention more a lot of people are getting banned I’ve made many reports before and I’m not sure if they got banned and I’ve got scammed 2 times but I’m alright, anyways thank you for your time bye.

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