Girls X Battle 2

Girls X Battle 2

5 / 5

Publish Date:

August 31, 2021



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Girls X Battle 2 review

All right before anything else, let me clarify something. This game is good, like, really good. In terms of ease of play and fun factor. The character design is also very good. The game is quick to pick up if you sit with it for a few minutes and will start off really well with some codes and some offers. I really like it and recommend it to anyone as a fun game to play. Now for the bad. This will eat your damn wallet. And I mean literally. The game is very demanding when it comes to spending money and unless you don't spend it here or there, you won't get anywhere very fast. Unless you're INSANE lucky. It greatly rewards the big spenders and adequately rewards the smaller ones. Regardless, the game is fair in giving you what you pay for. Now back to character designs. It's too heavy for Loli. And depending on your moral standards this could destroy the experience for you. Many characters are underage and considered "in appearance" and this is the loophole to do this without getting into legal trouble. But still, just a note to make. Overall, I would say the game is worth a try and if you like it, great! If you want to spend some money, go for it too. Pleasant and fun, it will keep you busy for a long time. I liked this game a lot and had a lot of friends and power, and can I say it was a little professional? I've been on it since it came out, so 2 years ago, and all the way through I was excited about what was to come next. One day, I would login and it didn't load. So I thought: ok, this happened a few times, I will download the app again. So when I did that, it still didn't load and I was a little worried. But I was confident that everything would be fine and disconnected. It took me a few minutes to find my password (laughs) and logged in. When I logged into my account, he gave me the tutorial. At that point, I was scared. So I continued the tutorial and found I was on a brand new account. I started to cry as I felt I had lost 2 years in a game, only to be deleted. Yes, I know it's pathetic, but I put a lot of time into this game, and at this point I was really upset. I looked around for a while and found my old account and friends, and I told them what happened. I know what you're thinking, “oh, maybe you used the wrong login” or “maybe you accidentally reset it”, but I checked my login and never pressed anything I wasn't sure about. Can I recover my account or not?

Girls X Battle 2 brings you a new style of RPG idle game, which contains hundreds of Anime Girls in your charge. Girls X Battle 2 is also a game that combines tactics and recreational features. Players not only need to focus on formation of Girls, but also need to pay attention to Girls’ development, and equipping them with unique gear and antiques to help your Girls finish legendary battles. To be No.1 on campus, you also need to be the best at PVP battles in the game.