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God Simulator. Religion Inc

Size: 75M
Release Date: February 9, 2022


God Simulator. Religion Inc Review:

It's a decent game. If you like Plague Inc, you'll probably enjoy it. The only things that I have some constructive criticism about are: I'd like even more religious archetypes; I'd like to see some religious scenarios, where rules are altered; and it'd be interesting to have multiple religions competing against each other in the game. Love this game. Paid for the premium plus account cuz I don’t see myself removing the game from my phone and it was cheap. No complaints except for one bug. On the pagan religion, if you unlock and use Prediction, if locks the screen on you and won’t unlock. The game continues to playin the background, but you can’t do anything. A black bar lays across the screen and after 10 minutes of trying to figure it out, I had to close the app. The game saves when you do, but you get no prediction about anything and it won’t register your fingers on the screen. It does save the game so you can go back into it, but at this point it’s a broken feature. Haven’t found any others yet, so overall, I give it 5 stars. Very fun, good time killer. Thanks



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God Simulator. Religion Inc Description:

Religion inc – is a simulator of creating a religion in a popular genre of strategy. Will you find a way to unite the whole world under one faith? Create your own unique religion using different combinations of religious aspects! Humanity would always experience a compulsive need to believe in something bigger than ourselves. They would search for comfort in the darkness: the light that would enlighten their path in the shadows of millennia. For millions of people at all times this light used to be and still is faith. It was religion that became this guiding light which gave many people the meaning of their lives in this universe, helped them to hold out against the storms of changes and to come ashore of happiness. There are many religions in the world. Each of them gave its own response to the defiance of times and changes. But what other way could this process go? What other diversified and bizarre shapes did human beliefs take? The answers to these questions you will find in our new game. Create your own unique religion. Test if it can hold against the challenges of the times, the pressure of obstacles and bring the humanity together.

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