Grass Cut

Grass Cut

5 / 5

Publish Date:

December 27, 2021



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Grass Cut review

So I am not quite sure if it will work or not but I heard if you rate this 5 stars and write 500 words you will get a better chance at getting more diamonds. So I do like the app, its pretty nice, at the beginning I was gaining BANK on diamonds, but now im down to 2 diamonds per level with the occasional gift here and there. The ads are very weird and can be very inappropriate which i personally dont mind but theres just so many of them and its weird considering the fact this is for younger kids I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! This game is such a must have! If you don't have this game ur missing out on SO much! I play roblox and this game is awesome! I've never had robux until I got this game! Please get! The only thing is the ads which there are not a lot of them so that should be good! Please get this game it's great! But the ads are a little too much but I really hope that you guys can make it have a bigger amount of diamonds because it gets lower and lower every time somet imes but it's a good app out of that anyway I really hope that you can update it and make it better than it was before

Tap to mow down the overgrown grass. Use simple one-touch gameplay to trim the grass, navigate across bridges and explore the wild world! Grass cutting has never been so satisfying. Escape into the landscape today!