Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star

Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star

5 / 5

Publish Date:

January 24, 2022



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Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star review

If your looking for a GOOD time killer like me ( I work overnights at a slow store ) this game is the one for you! Plus they're diamond packages they have where you can get 500 diamonds and 100k for 5 bucks ! You can't beat that ! And you get to be a starjust download it you'll LOVE it I remember playing this game when I was about 11/12 and this has always brought good memories and great nostalgia, now that I'm 19 years old and I just redownloaded it, it's bringing back even more great feelings. Thanks for creating one of my favorite childhood game. It's a very inspiring game, for young people to chase their dreams!

Welcome to the star-studded, stunning and spectacular streets of Hollywood Story! Build your own movie star career, dominate the red carpets throughout the city, hang out with fans, friends and followers, create own fashion lines, shoot awesome blockbusters and become a true Hollywood icon!