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King's Raid

Size: 164M
Release Date: March 14, 2022


King's Raid Review:

King's RAID is a very fun game to play. It has good lore, great character design, fun character customization for just about any of them especially the NPCs. Just got a new phone so the lag issue is no more! I love this game, and I hope that you guys are more characters and more costumes for both existing & pre-existing characters in the future.~ Said by, a huge fan of Erza <3 I absolutely love this game.... when it works. Sometimes after an Android update, the game lags behind a few weeks before it patches and updates the game to be compatible with the newer Android version. That can be very frustrating, especially when love the game and want to play, but can't. But when it does work, I can lose myself in it for hours on end. I have recently returned back to playing this game. It keep crashing on chapter 9.5 story and not been able to progress because of this have uninstalled/reinstalled this app twice. I do like game, it's story and and challenges, but if I cannot progress in the story there is no point in keep the game. All the other modes and dungeons work fine in the game except chapter 9.5 first story that keeps crashing. (Changing my rating back to 5 stars) everything is running smooth now



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King's Raid Description:

▶ Strategy-based real-time battle by utilizing Skill compositions! Thrilling experience from dynamic real-time battle! Use diverse hero & skill compositions to defeat the enemy! ▶ Defeat the giant dragon with your friends in various real-time PvP contents! Acquire Legendary Gear by defeating the giant dragon with your friends! Conquer each stage of the Raid and experience the Challenge Raid! Participate in the Arena to play against 13 million players! ▶ A game with a great universe (storyline)! Experience the breathtaking, distinctive, and endless adventure of King's Raid! Obtain and progress heroes for free during your adventure to unlock new stories! The never-ending adventure of King's Raid that you have never experienced in previous RPG games! ▶ Characters with full of emotions and expressions! Real 3D characters just like anime! Decorate your characters with various Costumes!

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