Fun puzzle casual decompression leveling game Hole Miner 3D

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Black Hole Miner 3D is a fun puzzle casual decompression level game, in this game the player will control a black hole, by moving the black hole will be all the ground ore inhalation, fun decompression novel mining game, control the black hole can devour all kinds of items, the game is very magical, interested friends come to download the latest version of the black hole miner 3D experience it!

Game features
1. Fun to play can not stop
2. Simple elements of cartoon style
3. Online battle with friends
Game Review
The game screen is 3D
The game screen is also in color
All the balls on the table are pushed into the black hole
The gameplay is also very addictive

Game highlights

1, easy to operate, the game graphics in cartoon style;
2、Support online battle, and play against friends;
3、You need to avoid the enemy and make your own black hole enough. Large ;
4、Everything in the city in the game can be swallowed and destroy everything.
1. Flexible control of multiple routes, so that the black hole swallow more things, easy to get a higher score;
2. A large number of rich level mode for you to enjoy the challenge also increased the bomb element, make the game more exciting;
3. Let more squares into your black hole, but you must be flexible to master the rhythm and direction to complete.