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Kinja Run

Size: 494.2 MB
Release Date: Jul 27, 2022


Kinja Run Review:

I prefer this kind of progressive gameplay compared to Archero-like games. I also managed to find a combo of upgrades that make the game incredibly laggy but essentially instakills every enemy and boss. (combo, ricochet, pronged shot), are the main 3 upgrades. If you max out your critical chance it lags even more. I managed to beat the final boss of a chapter so fast the map stopped loading and I died over and over until it brought me to ads and eventually the main menu. This game is surprisingly good and it gets challenging and fun fast, if you reach the further levels (not worlds) you will see why. I also really appreciate that ads are optional and not popping in the middle of the game. While checkpoints would be nice, I have no complaints as of right now, only thing I'm a little nitpicky about is the energy system. Please please please, get rid of it! This game is awesome, just please do NOT jump down the micro transaction hole & ruin this game. Thanks!



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Kinja Run Description:

A brave Ninja cat, running into a path full of monsters! The world’s first runner and shoot-em-up! Run and dodge missiles!

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