Xtreme Motorbikes

Xtreme Motorbikes

5 / 5

Publish Date:

Aug 11, 2021


762.9 MB

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Xtreme Motorbikes review

Amazing game! Graphics are on point. The bike mechanics are realistic, and everything about this game is top notch. A few things I would love to see in a future update, is the ability to use the indo, and the wheelie buttons to be able to do frontflips and backflips. I know that you would need a certain amount of servers to make a multiplayer. So I know that would take a lot. Maybe a sequel to this game can have multiplayer, where people can make individual servers and play with their friends.

The xtreme motorbikes gives you a real feeling of riding and performing free style this game brings awesome bike physics with beautifully free style city, The xtreme motorbikes free style experience in the most realistic simulator motorbike game around. If you like motorbike games try it. Smooth controls, realistic motorbike physics. Test your real freestyle skills.