Dog Life Simulator

Dog Life Simulator

5 / 5

Publish Date:

Sep 18, 2021


368.7 MB

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Dog Life Simulator review

This game is really cute and it's very laggy but overall it's good and maybe you need to try it it's super cute and friendly but is really laggy and there's a lot of abs really annoying but maybe you should take down some of the ads I don't like that it makes you pick a poor family or Rich family it's kind of sad but the game is good when like you forget about the poor or the rich people that you didn't choose no overall I would recommend it like your kid would really love this game

Live the life of a dog and see the world through the eyes of your favourite pet! In this original narrative game the tables have turned and now it’s your turn to make the choices as this amazing animal! Will you become man’s best friend and help your owner in their everyday life? Be a perfect pet companion, a puppy friend that everyone wishes they had? Make choices that affect the outcome of your dog’s story! Care for your pet and make it the happiest puppy in the world! This is the virtual friend you’ve been waiting for… Seen from a completely different perspective. Making good choices will earn you precious bones that you can use to upgrade your Dog’s kennel. This virtual animal will quickly become your best friend too! This is a perfect game for all animal lovers! Download it now and find out for yourself!