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Size: 3.5M
Release Date: 2014-03-12


Sumotori Dreams Review:

Sumotori Dreams is a funny game where you have to talk about the controls and you lose. The main characters are paper robots, which you control in a battle. You can choose to fight against the computer or control one with a friend. However, as the robots are made of paper, they have a high centre of gravity, which can lead to the possibility of you trying to push your opponent and ending up falling over yourself. Sumotori Dreams gameplay At the start of the game, the two paper figures will bow to each other first, just like a real person would, and then each of their hands will touch the ground and once they are ready for each other, the sumo will begin. To start the game, there is a button on the bottom right that controls your paper figure's hands on the ground. When the sumo starts, there are three additional buttons on the right hand column of the screen, which control the paper man's forward motion, the one hand push manoeuvre and the two hand push manoeuvre. These three actions will lead to a series of spoof results (laughs). When you push with one hand, your weight is backwards. When you push with both hands, your whole body is lunging forward, which means that your centre of gravity is forward. How do you apply this? Read on and you'll know everything you want to know. Speaking of the various button actions and applications, that's what makes this game so funny and special. The game duels between two paper people, not fat people, with a higher centre of gravity. What does that mean? It means that sometimes you push someone and they're fine, but you fall to the ground with an unstable centre of gravity, doggone it. That's right, if you are not good at the game and not skilled enough, the bloody results will come one after another, making you laugh and cry. That's what makes Sumotori Dreams so funny and hilarious. Sumotori Dreams Tips The ultimate in defence: when your opponent lunges, you have to use both hands to push the manoeuvre. If your opponent's weight is coming towards you, and you push with one hand, your weight will be backwards and you will both fall backwards; applying the same principle of centre of gravity, when your opponent pushes with one hand, you should also push with one hand to defend, because this way the two sides' strengths are in opposite directions, which exactly counteracts each other; and when your opponent advances, you should also advance, not retreating is defence. The ultimate in attacking: as the saying goes, attacking is the best defence. That's right. What exactly is the most effective way to attack? There are a total of two methods that I have deduced. It is to attack with speed and kill with a single blow and to wait calmly and attack later. To put it in more detail, either you move forward from the start, push the fucker with both hands and pounce; or you keep your weight, keep your distance with one-handed pushing and find an opportunity to quickly push the fucker with both hands and push the enemy.



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Sumotori Dreams Description:

The famous PC game Sumotori Dreams is now available on iOS. In this funny, 3D physics based sumo wrestling simulator, you have to push over your opponent or force him out of the circle to win a match. Play against AI or share the screen. After the match watch up to four guys trying to stand up to bow. Show this app to your friends and fun is guaranteed. Can you find the hidden parts?

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