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Puzzle:love ball

Size: 70M
Release Date: 2018-04-20


Puzzle:love ball Review:

I've had this game for a couple of weeks now and normally when I see games advertised I search them up and look at the reviews. But this time I was like let's just take a look and see what it was like. At first I was addicted then I wasn't but after playing it over a course of days it got more addicting then when I first downloaded it. So overall you should definitely download this app if you like drawing and puzzles that get your mind working. This is the type of game you will see you’ll scroll past it on your AppStore and just give it one look and say it looks rubbish looks boring and everything but once you download it it is verry good to play I play this game all day everyday and I haveng had one complain about this game it’s amazing people who is reading this I think you should download it my mum dad grandma grandad auntie uncle all of my family have got into this game you’ll love it give it ago your waking go



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Puzzle:love ball Description:

This is a puzzle solving game. A game that will bring you joy and smile. Download now for free! Come to "Pursue love ball" to help the ball in love meet. You need to solve the puzzle. These puzzles will become increasingly challenging. In "Pursue love ball", the balls of love are lost in the maze, they cannot meet each other. Only by solving one puzzle after another can the balls meet successfully. In "Pursue love ball", face many level puzzles and challenge your thinking ability. While solving the puzzles, you also helped the balls in love. Because the balls in love are facing different pains. Come and download "Pursue love ball" for free, share the smiles of love balls, and share happiness! Share love!

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