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Hello Neighbor review
The game Hello Neighbor in the stealth horror genre was developed by Dynamic Pixels and published in 2017 by tinyBuild. The game has become popular in its segment and already has a lot of fans all over the world.

The plot line of the game revolves around a boy who, having moved to a new area, draws his attention to a very mysterious and sinister neighbor living nearby, who has sinister secrets. 
One day, coming closer to the neighbor's house, the child finds that something bad is happening there and begins to learn the secrets of a suspicious neighbor. In addition, the boy finds ads about the disappearance of children. Therefore, the child needs to look into the neighbor's house in such a way that he does not notice that someone else is on the territory, because the neighbor is very suspicious and constantly watching that no stranger enters his private territory.
In order to get to the neighbor's house, you will need to solve many interesting puzzles.  But the task is complicated by the fact that when a player often appears in the same place, the Neighbor begins to set traps there, and you need to look for new steps. It is necessary to act quietly, because the neighbor will definitely come to check the situation if the player makes a lot of noise, looking for the needed items. 
The game contains three acts, and during the game, you will be faced with more and more puzzles, and the house will contain more and more locations and traps.
The graphics in this game are hard to call revolutionary, but it is definitely interesting and more like cartoonish. It's strange to see graphics similar to a cartoon in the game with elements of horror, but it definitely gives the game a certain charm. The graphics are bright, attractive and the creators have made a lot in order to interest the player.