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Minecraft review

Minecraft is a game from developer and publisher Mojang, which was created in 2011 and became a bestseller among indie games in the genre of sandbox. The game has an open world, which means endless opportunities for creating and building.

The graphics of this game is a very interesting story, and many would say that a game with such graphics would not win much sympathy, but in fact it is the opposite. The game world actually consists of cubes of the size 16x16, and everything in general looks as cubic and pixel as possible. 
This is a kind of greeting from the past, but the game does not lose its charm, because despite such a simple approach, it has many interesting locations. Here you will find forests, mountains, deserts, swamps, rivers, seas and many different attractions and it all looks very attractive despite the specific graphics.
Once appeared in the game without any means of subsistence, the player will be forced to create the whole world from scratch. This way allows you to feel like a creator of your own universe. Each creator will find what to do.  The player needs to create a place to live in, and here it can be a simple hut as well as a royal palace. It all depends only on the desire and imagination of the player, because the open world provides incredible opportunities for this. 
The universe of the game is divided into three worlds: the ordinary one from which it all begins, Hell and the world of Ender, inhabited by various mystical beings. 
Controls of this game is implemented using a mouse and a standard keyboard layout if the game is installed on the player's PC. You cannot use the mouse or the keyboard alone. If the game is installed on a mobile phone or a tablet, the controls for both of these devices are exactly the same, so while playing on different devices, the player does not have to get used to controlling again. As for game consoles, here the controls are implemented with a gamepad.
An open world of limitless possibilities;
Easy game control;
Many types of activities for everyone.
May take a long time to play.