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Pixel Demolish game highlights

Pixel Demolish, a Roguelike and decompression gameplay in one, gets a heightened gameplay experience with the incorporation of a pixelated style. You need to destroy intact pixel props with the help of props such as gears, electric guns and flamethrowers, and let the broken remnants of props fall into the churn at the bottom to earn revenue. Unlike similar games, the destruction of props in this game has a Roguelike element that allows for a variety of growth. You can choose your preferred direction of development to create your own personalised super-destroyer to quickly get through the levels and become the king of the game.

Pixel Demolish Review

From a hands-on experience, Pixel Demolish is a very well thought out, enjoyable and addictive game. The idea of adding Roguelike elements to a casual stress reliever is good and unexpected enough in itself. When you are still addicted to shooters with Roguelike elements such as Bullet Corps and Isaac, or role-playing games such as Meta Knight, or even strategy tower defence games such as Endless Dungeon, did you ever think that casual games could be so amazing? Aided by the pixel art style, it adds more flair to this game.
Apart from the aforementioned innovative combination and the use of the popular painting style, the most impressive aspect of the game is the handling of the later levels. Unlike other types of Roguelike games, where the difficulty increases dramatically in the later stages, the difficulty of the game remains constant, so that the later stages bring the player the pleasure of fully automatic and fast demolition. All you have to do is quietly enjoy your own excellent work.