8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool review

This is a casual game of billiards. If you are dying to have some social fun, and if you cannot go out because of the weather conditions. This game can definitely liven things up. You can play this game of pool against a random player or with your friends. And there is a family friendly option which will give you a simulated pool hall experience. As for the setup, you can log in as a guest by your Google account or Facebook account. And once you log into the game, you have several options available. The first one is one on one. You will have the chance to pair with a random player to have some fun. And in the special game mode, you will have the chance to join a tournament. The thing is that you must reach a certain level to get access to this mode. In the mini games, you will find many basic games. And the objective is to win more coins to realize in-game upgrades. The most interesting one is the friends mode. You can create a friends list to quickly request friends to play this game with you. If you are not confident enough about your ball skills, you can also try the practice contained in the offline mode. You will have enough time to practice your ball skills in this mode. And there is no need for you to hurry and no need for you to be afraid that you may make a mistake. So it is time for you to dive right into the one on one mode to compete against a random stranger. You will find that you are not that kind of bad at all in terms of ball pool skills. As for the controls, there is an alignment guide that will give you some clue for you to dial in your angle to impact your target ball to the intended target pocket. Generally speaking, the controls in this game are pretty intuitive. When it comes to your turn, you just control your cue by swiping your finger to align the cue with the cue ball. But if you miss, your opponent has his turn. So you will lose your advantage. It is better for you to sieze each opportunity. Anyway, this is definitely a low-threshold game of pool. It is not that kind of easy for you to get bored with this game. And there are no strict rules of any kind. You can just dive in and play for as long as you want. You will definitely fall in love with the responsive game physics. And it is definitely easy for you to play, even if you are not a professional player in real life. Of course, you may come across a few hiccups, but it is definitely a very addictive and straightforward ball game, which will give you enough entertainment no matter you are a pool shark or not. And however bad you are at actual and real pool, it has little effect on how good or excellent you will beat this game. And you will find it is a little bit challenging, but you shoud never be discouraging. On the good side, if you are already an excellent ball player, this game also includes advanced options for experts like you to show your full potentials. And if you are really interested, you can try all the five levels. For the first round, you can pay the entry fee with the in-game currency. But the levels will progress with higher fees. So you must win to earn enough in-game currencies to continue the game. If you try hard enough, you will win all your coins back. Of course, if you lose the game, you will definitely lose your coins. So it is time for you to have some fun with your friends in this world of ball. If you are not confident about your skills, you can try to refine your skills by spending some time first. If you are already an excellent ball shark, you can directly dive into it. And if you would like to sacrifice your time and energy, you can definitely enter tournaments and win numerous trophies and exclusive cues. The most amazing thing is that you can customize your table and your cue!