Idle Egg Factory

Idle Egg Factory

5 / 5

Publish Date:

Jun 12, 2022


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Idle Egg Factory review

I love this game people complain that there is allot of ads but bruh this game is a offline game you could just off your wifi and then no more ads simple but the thing is it starts lagging when I have DP coins plss fix that I deleted the game but I dicited to download it back Omg I love this game! Its super fun and there's barely any ad's! So I first saw this in a ad and I'm like "oo I'll try this out" once I finally started playing it was a blast you should really try it out! A truck comes if you get enough eggs and you make a box of eggs! It's really fun! You should always try new stuff! Cause right now it's a blast! Like people that say there are to many adds turn off your wifi they get money with adds so it's a good game I have 9 chickens and I've only been playing for 2 hours

You have an egg factory and all you need to do is make them lay as many eggs as possible. Starting with a small factory, the eggs are packaged and sold. Use the money to upgrade. The higher the level, the faster the laying speed and the more the price. Open up a new production line and stuff your boxes with your eggs.