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Block! Hexa Puzzle™

Size: 69M
Release Date: January 20, 2022


Block! Hexa Puzzle™ Review:

Love the game dont mind the ads everyone has to make a living...over all great experience They dont push you to buy nothing it's just a calm and great atmosphere..thank you goodluck Love it! My husband and I play it in the morning while drinking coffee...friendly competition and a great way to get your brain up and ready for the day...I play on my lunch break, or free time (not a whole lot of free time though lol) and I play at night before bed to help my mind slow down and wind down. Working on buying app hate the dad gum ads Actually pretty fun despite the absolute shite ads I've seen of the game; it's colourful, the tutorial is short and to the point, and provides *just* enough of a challenge for you to actually use your brain, but not so much so that you get stuck on a level for hours (at least, I haven't experienced any levels like that yet). Fair warning, though- there are quite a few ads after you reach a certain point, and the game can lag a little, but I definitely recommend trying this game.



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Block! Hexa Puzzle™ Description:

The most iconic Block Hexa Puzzle game for adults! Your puzzle skills will be put to the test with this new angle on the classic dissection puzzle game! Our unique hexagonal pieces will stretch your mind in ways you never imagined in this addictive puzzle game. Enjoy the satisfaction of pieces fitting neatly in place, filling the board with a burst of color! With each block that fills the gaps, your ability will grow – but so will the challenges! How To Play • Arrange the blocks to fit in the grid. • Hexa blocks can’t be rotated. • Collect block pieces to level up! • Be careful of the blockades. • No time limits!

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