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Clockmaker: Match Three Games

Size: 426.4 MB
Release Date: Jun 2, 2022


Clockmaker: Match Three Games Review:

I love this game but it gets very hard as it goes on and I've had to spend real money to get thru certain levels becuz they are so challenging, it used to have an add you could watch to get 3 extra moves at the end of a level to help you finish it but they took that away unfortunately so your pretty much forced to spend money to get thru levels unless you want to stay stuck on the same level for days or weeks,even longer, I wish they would bring the ad back to get the extra lives to pass levels Love this game challenging and fun, give you lots of bonus free time to work with.. some levels can be a frustration sometimes but that is the way a game is.. wouldn't be a game if it wasn't challenging! I love that you can go to another challenge if you get stuck on 1.. it is very multi-faceted.. love it!



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Clockmaker: Match Three Games Description:

Play match 3 games for adults to renovate the city and help Uncle rescue the townspeople! Over a thousand match three games (3 in a row) & puzzle games for free. Enjoy brain puzzles with our relaxing game! Match 3 jewels and gems and use special boosters to beat thousands of levels. Download now and play mystical adventure puzzle games! Play “Clockmaker: Match 3 Games” online or offline - no Wifi or Internet connection required.

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