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Empire Warriors: Offline RPG

Size: 111M
Release Date: March 11, 2022


Empire Warriors: Offline RPG Review:

So far I've had a great experience with this game. While it does look and feel like the popular game series "Kingdom Rush" there are fundamental differences that make it an entirely new game. My only complaints are how the last (and best) tier of towers are locked behind a paywall and all the heroes are expensive to unlock. Edit: Upon closer inspection it appears my complaints were false. You can get the towers without paying and the heroes without grinding all day and night. 10/10 It's a great game to play in your downtime or when laying in bed watching TV. I like taking my time to get the best runes for my heroes and leveling them up to max level before continuing with the story. The only problem I have is that I have multiple runes attached to thraldin but thay are not applying to his stats. For example I have like 4 or 5 attack speed runes on him and his attack speed doesnt increase and the same thing with life steal. Other than that it's fun to replay levels to try different things!



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Empire Warriors: Offline RPG Description:

Fight powerful enemies with your wise strategies! Lead your mighty heroes and protect your kingdom frontier from the darkness! Join millions of players around the world in an endless war to gain triumph and glory. If you are a true fan of the Fantasy Tower Defense, you can't miss this td game! The wonderful graphics and impressive gameplay will surprise you. In this game, your mission is to create your own strategy to protect your throne and eliminate invaders, bring back the peace to your realm. This not only captures the most attractive features of a TD game but also has many new elements that keep you play for hours!

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