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Size: 340.6 MB
Release Date: May 26, 2022


Move Animals! Review:

kidnappers you guys are right no we're not okay I got killed by the kid don't like guys I'll save you from the kid help help officers what is it cowboy this kid hurt my friends what a kid looks like he has 5 feet tall black hat and also the shirt it's covered like blue shirt or something okay thank you for telling me hey kid Young Aaron black told me anything you know killing kidnappers it's against the law you know yeah so so you are under arrest for what for hurting those kidnappers your comin Soo… I’ve had the game for about 15 minutes. It’s very funny to see the animals and to move them, and when I started the storyline it looked really cool… until it says “Play with the dog”. It gives you the option to buy a ball or a collar, but it says “play” so I got the ball. The game has stopped working and the girl is just tossing the ball in her right hand, I can’t click anything. I don’t know if I’m supposed to click something certain, or if it’s a glitch. Overall good game I would like some help on my situation otherwise. 4/5 stars



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Move Animals! Description:

Move animals around to achieve specified goal. Every level is uniquely designed with animals including dogs, cats, bears, elephants, horses, deers, tigers, raccoons, peacock, pandas, kangaroos, birds, DINOSAURS and a lot more...

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