Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

5 / 5

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Plants vs. Zombies review

Plants Vs. Zombies is an excellent game, which is relaxing for people to play. This game is appropriate for both youngsters and the middle aged to paly. The charming of this game is that the weapons involved are not guns or other violent things. In this game, there are many plant weapons. The most important thing is that this game even can inspire children through developing their cerebellum. The fact is that Plants Vs. Zombies is very attractive for a lot of people, especially for girls. The reason is that this is a violent game for the first sight because there are different kinds of weapons involved, although girls do not realize this violence in a conscious way, on the contrary, they enjoy this kind of unconscious violence. What need to be pointed out is that this game is linked with violence, but this is a kind of cute violence because the weapons are plant weapons and they are so cute. If you played this game before, you will find the whole layout is so harmonious. There are mushrooms, sunflowers, corns and so on, all of them are environment friendly. And it gives players a sense of satisfaction to protect human house by killing zombies with these plant weapons.