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Size: 77M
Release Date: April 16, 2022


Wordle! Review:

Ok big pet peeve first: they use a lot of plurals. Like, every third word ends in S. That's so lame. Most of the words are decently challenging but winnable. I don't think it's as good as the NYT original. I do like that I don't have to wait a day for the next game. There are a LOT of ads, and from the reviews here it looks like they won't fully go away even if you pay. I probably won't buy it. The app looks really nice. However, there are way too many ads and the ads often require 3 clicks and time in between clicks to clear them. It occasionally has glitches when I close out of the app and reopen it. My classic game will reset when the round had not even ended. There are quite a few repeat clues for the "secret word" category.



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Wordle! Description:

Are you a word games master? Whether you are a fan of classic crossword puzzles or are just hopping on viral new word game trends, Wordle! will get you thinking. Take on daily brain teasers and train your mind with our fun word games. With several unique game modes, Wordle! will challenge your mind and spelling skills. Want a fun and viral challenge? Try Daily Puzzle mode, where you’ll have 6 guesses to solve the word of the day. Each time you get a letter correct, the tile will turn yellow if it is in the word or green if it is in the right spot. Can you solve it with one guess? Once you’ve figured it out, share your score with friends. It's just like the viral word game, but on your phone! Can’t get enough Wordle!? Play Unlimited Wordle! in Classic mode, and play as long as you want. No need to wait a whole day for the next puzzle. Getting stuck? Not to worry! Use a hint to get out of a sticky situation and unlock the solution! Or take on a timed challenge in Word Fever mode, where you will test your speed and spelling skills. Spell the word before the timer runs out, each time you find the word, the timer will reset and you will have to think fast and solve the next word. How far can you go? Want to test your mind for the duration? In Secret Word mode you will have 3 chances to guess each word with the letters and clue provided. Push your word association skills to the limit, and guess each word before moving on to the next. Guess wisely, 3 incorrect guesses and you will have to start over! Expand your adult mind and make your brain stronger with our free word games! It is like taking your brain to the gym!

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